Acca Kappa Ode Travel eau De Parfum

An ode to intense emotions and to the beguiling charm of nature and its force. An ode to a warm essence in continuous movement that creates a new universe by making the senses vibrate.A supreme fragrance that is evocative of mystic oriental nights with magic spices and heavy woods. A sensory journey characterized by the precious force of the Oud that meets the sensuality of Rose, Saffron and Ginger. A mystic force that gets free in the air, an ode to intense male virility. 

Size: 15ml

Cumin - Ginger - Saffron - Strawberry

Rose - Orris - Carnation - Cistus Olibanum

Oud accord - Guaiacwood - Cedarwood - Sandalwood - Patchouli - Vetiver