Global smoke book

Global Smoke takes genuine smoke-cooked barbecue on a thrilling and delectable worldwide tour, far beyond the Southern US–only focus of most BBQ books.Cooking low and slow over wood smoke—what is often called authentic barbecue or real barbecue—is practiced and enjoyed in many dozens of the world’s tastiest cuisines. Yet almost every barbecue book available zooms in on the US South and Texas as the only sources of authentic BBQ recipes, neglecting the rest of the US and, for that matter, the rest of the world.In Global Smoke, four-time James Beard Cookbook Award winner Cheryl Alters Jamison sets the record straight. She masterfully expands the geographic range of barbecue, and she takes the barbecue cookbook beyond the near-constant repetition of recipes for ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket.Through this trailblazing cookbook, you will discover that fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, chicken and turkey, lamb, and a host of unexpected things can be smoke-cooked to perfection. And you will learn that the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, South and East Asia, and many other regions have amazing smoke-cooking recipes that are easy to master right in your backyard. The recipes include:Smoked Cape Cod Clam DipKorean Short RibsSt. Lucia Citrus ShrimpTandoori-Style Chicken BreastsSmoked Lamb Burgers and Salsa VerdeCider-Soaked Pork KebabsSaffron and Ginger Sweet PotatoesSugar-and-Spice Smoked SalmonIf you earned your chops as a BBQ enthusiast by smoking ribs and pulled pork, that’s quite an achievement. If you are ready to explore a fantastic world of new smoke-cooking ideas beyond those basics, this is the book you need.