This beautiful gift box has been put together with four of our most popular Great Barrier Reef Salts. TASTEOLOGY donates 5% of all sales of The Great Barrier Reef Salt Collection Box to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation. By buying this product you will contribute to raising funds to save coral reefs and the animals that depend on them. The box is a thick, high quality keepsake box with magnetic closure.


The box includes:
1 x Great barrier Reef Salt
1 x Great Barrier Reef Garlic Salt
1 x Great Barrier Reef Chilli Salt
1 x Great Barrier Reef Herb Salt


About the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
Over 600 species of coral, 1600 species of fish, six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles, and so many more rely on the Great Barrier Reef. Right now, climate change and increasing environmental threats are putting the future of the Great Barrier Reef at risk. The Great Barrier Reef Foundation brings together the world’s best minds and technologies to help solve the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef, encouraging everyone to play an active part in its onservation right now. 


About the salts
The salts in this box are made with a base of sea salt, harvested ethically from the Pacific Ocean. To harvest the salt, pristine ocean water only is captured and allowed to evaporate naturally in the sun. We are then left with flake shards, which are broken in to crystals to create rock salt. It has been naturally dried and shattered by a manual process, and is free from preservatives, additives and flavouring oils.